December 22, 2016

Dear Faemily & Friends,

We write you in loving service from Zuni Mountain Sanctuary where many inspiring community developments are manifesting. Visit us digitally or in person; we welcome you to re-member.

Epic gifts – time, skill and money – donated through grassroots FUNdraising and community volunteerism have sustained our “Home Sweet Homo” throughout the blessed decades.  Our 320 acres of sacred land was purchased from our kind neighbor, on December 19th, 1996, through an incredibly generous donation from Little Foot.  The Sanctuary’s renewal is thriving as we approach this year’s Solstice and reach our 20-year Tranniversary.

Your financial gifts – of any amount – at this juncture in our development will be respected, responsibly stewarded and contribute to our current momentum. Make your donation here, on this page, if you are moved to help. In our recent NEWsletter we share more detailed collective accounts of the many meaningful improvements that graced the Land in 2016. 2016 donations totaled an amazing $5,555, with a recent matching donation of $1,000 to carrying us into the new year as these committed funds are to be matched.  We invite your financial support and energetic support via the PayPal button above, so the efforts on our ever-evolving radical queer community can continue heartily into 2017.

Words only go so far! Come visit, see the changes for yourself, and participate in the sacred service of collectively stewarding our safe haven for queer spirituality. Zuni Mountain Sanctuary would not exist without the ancestral gifts of First Nations forebearers, kindly neighbors, Walks-Between Stewards and the many queer allies who have contributed their sweat, blood, cum, tears, heart and – let’s be real – $$$$$$ to this nurturing land’s epic herstory. Financial donations allow us to complete unfinished buildings, improve accessibility, pay taxes and utilities, and keep facilities in sound working order 365-gays-a-year.  2016 is a testament to how we are making good on our community’s investment in ZMS.

A lil News From The Notch…Lupe and Alice, our dear four-legged grandmothers are spry and well keeping our spirits high with morning trots and talkative greetings; guesstimates believe elder Lupe to be between 17-19. Two in-process Resident Stewards and three Visitors committed to long-term Winter stays spent the Fall winterizing and insulating Juniper, Tea Rooms and the Studio; 9 cords of wood are neatly stacked at all the buildings – with 3 more to come! The Studio re-build is nearly completed, after the installation of a wood floor and new roof last year, and this year’s new ceiling, wall-to-roof-to-ceiling insulation, installation of improved electrical lighting, a ceiling fan, a 250-gallon propane tank, a backup propane heater, new doors and a tiled eastern entrance with a mud grate. The Common House is currently being upgraded to include a modest bathing facility in the West Room, a back-up propane heater to keep pipes from freezing and a partially rebuilt walk-in-cooler. Our road was partially graded and graveled and a huge culvert pipe was installed through our main arroyo. Some trails are being maintained.

Our weekly process of facilitated Faemily Meetings and regular Heart Circles keep our hearths open and our community fabric light ‘n’ tight.  We eat well and share food and stories with many recent visitors. We are growing together.  Goddess willing, by Samhain 2017 we will inaugurate the Birdsong Lighthouse, an ancestor room and metaphysical library in the Tea Rooms tower as a home for our dearly beloved and departed chosen Faemily; consider sending or bringing us our Trancestor’s photos or relics to honor our collective Faemily.  More shares of these infrastructural and community developments will be found in the newsletter.

Many crucial material improvements remain necessary to repair, maintain and upgrade the Sanctuary’s current needs into perpetuity.  Donations you wish to offer can go to either general operations or to our Board-supervised Restricted Fund.  We are endlessly grateful for any amount you are inspired to give, commit to caregive your gift responsibly, and welcome your tax-deductible donation in whatever way is most convenient for you. You may donate via the PayPal button above, or with a check mailed to Zuni Mountain Sanctuary Treasurer, Box 636, Ramah, NM  87321.

Donations up to $1,000 will be matched and go towards projects slated for 2017, which include: a new Common House roof and ceiling, foundation repairs; roof repairs and floors for Juniper and Tea Rooms; exterior finishing of the Studio and other structures; ongoing road improvements; installation of a septic system for a more easily accessible flush-toilet facility, as well as sanitary waste management and infrastructure for a future bathhouse. Our propane fridge died in the fall and we are making due this winter with the walk-in and chest freezer; initial estimates on a new solar or propane fridge are~$1300…$125 would purchase a cord of pinon and juniper wood for our Winter needs. Any amount will help to cover our annual propane bill and the insurance coverage on the 4×4 vehicle donated to ZMS.

Please consider learning more about our efforts in the newsletter and consider donating via the PayPal button below.

We look forward to your future visit.  The present of your presence is the greatest gift you can give to ZMS.  Your energy keeps us current, your skills help us grow and your breath feeds the fire of our collective inspirations.

In Loving Service,

Guadalupe and Alice Be Tokeless (Residents)
Jaime Longheart and Layard (Residents-in-Process)
Katherine and Orion (longterm visitors)

2016/2017 Board of Directors
Maqui Kuzmal and Layard Thompson (Co-coordinators/Treasurers and Chair of Fundraising), Flittr aka Gary Morse (Secretary and Chair of Communications), Bruce-Man-Do Bush and Ayaquah aka Kevin Nollenburg (Chairs of Infrastructure), Cory Thorell, Munk Hitirus and TerryAnn Warner

You may donate online with your credit card.  Donations are tax deductible.

To make it easier we accept a variety of credit cards via the PayPal button above.  ZMS will not be able to read your credit card information, and we do not store it on our server.  If you are concerned about credit card theft, do not enter your card information when using a public computer, such as at a library, or when using an untrusted network.

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We really cannot thank you enough for your generosity.  Thanks.