Mission Statement

The mission of Zuni Mountain Sanctuary is to foster stewardship of the land as a consensus-based, inclusive, sustainable & intentional Radical Faerie community. The Sanctuary offers context for exploration & practice of spirituality, permaculture, creativity & transformation. We aspire to live in peace & harmony with ourselves, those around us & the Earth which sustains us all.
Our beliefs are specifically religious and we identify Zuni Mountain Sanctuary as a Church. As a self-conscious sharing of this diversity, our spirit is renewed by our day-to-day activity. We are deeply moved by our beliefs. They call us to action. They identify us as a deep religious people and as a Church. As we share beliefs, we share values. Through the sharing of our beliefs and values we have created this ever-growing spiritual community.

Shared Beliefs

The shared beliefs which unite Zuni Mountain Sanctuary are those to be found in all religions:
We believe that divinity and humanity – spirit and matter – are inseparate; that each of us is wholly divine and a manifestation of divinity. In some traditions this is called “immanence”. Immanence: the oneness of body, mind and spirit. In her teachings the feminist, religious Starhawk refers to this as:
The awareness that the world and everything in it is alive, dynamic,
interdependent, interacting and infused with moving energies: a living being, a weaving dance.

Our vision of spiritual health is holistic and, for us, is counterpart in physical health is a spiritual concern. The practice of our faith is a healing experience, a facet of spiritual balance.

The members of the church of Zuni Mountain Sanctuary are engaged in both personal and collective quests for the realization of Immanence. This spirit quest is the central, turning core of our religion and worship.

We believe that Spirit is renewal and that all spirituality shares the theme of Nature as the source of renewal. Nature is the wellspring of life and death; it is manifest in each of us and all the diverse rhythms and lives of the natural world. Harry Hay once summed up our belief system in a vision of Subject-SUBJECT Consciousness. We believe the Earth, and all of it, loves to be loved. Subject-SUBJECT Consciousness begins with the awareness of human responsibility for loving Stewardship of Nature’s creations. To love what lives, we believe, is to fully appreciate the immanence of all people and all creation; never to force but to understand, to care, to nourish. We believe that a Continuum connects individuals to each other and to the environment. Subject-SUBJECT Consciousness is an ethical ideal and a religious view of the world. It orients us towards ourselves and each other; it guides our spiritual community and our personal spirit quests; it balances the imbalance of domination, aggression and exploitation.

Harry Hay says it best in his own writing: Humanity must expand its experience from persons (subjects) thinking objectively – thinking competitively (in a nutshell, thinking opportunistically and nearly always in terms of self advantage) – to thinking in terms of loving-sharing-consensus. Humanity must expand its experience to thinking of another, that other, not as object (to be used, manipulated, mastered, consumed) but as subject (as another like him/her self, another self to be respected – to be appreciated – to be cherished). Often stated in the Golden Rule.